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Guarantee and Return Policy


Once you receive your plants you have 10 days to inspect the shipment and report any problems.  After this period, your green thumb is your best guarantee.  During the 10 day inspection period if you are dissatisfied return the plant and we will replace it or refund your money. This guarantee includes plants damaged in the shipping process.  Please contact us within the specified inspection period to let us know it is on the way.

You, the customer, are responsible for the safe return of the plant, and the return shipping cost. Credit to cards will be made, and refund checks will be sent after plants are returned.

In most cases, I have 6 to 12 plants of any item listed in the catalog.  I will choose spiking plants when they are available and the confirmation I send will let you know this.  I do not guarantee against bud blasting.

There can be no guarantee of future bloomability or the quality of bloom of flowers produced from seed. All seedling produced plants are unique and there may be differences from cross descriptions and individual flowers used to demonstrate cross potential. In all cases, our liability shall extend only to the purchase price of the plants.